Service Design: Building a Global Community with Design Thinking Principles


Tell us how it started and give context!

Tell us more about the circumstances of your project. 

  • Who was the client? 

  • When did you start working on the project? 

  • What was your role? 

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At the discovery phase of my project, I conducted user interviews in order to get a better understanding of the problem.

Guiding Questions:

  • What were the research questions? What were you curious about the most?

  • How many users did you interview?

  • What were the main insights you got from the interviews?

  • What did you change on the design based on the insights?




After we launched the MVP, we wanted to gather feedback from the existing users. We set up an online survey and asked them fill it out.

  • What type of surveys did you use? (in dept, short, on-site, external)

  • How many people have filled the survey? 

  • What results did you get?

  • What decisions did you make based on the results?


User Journey

I devised three version for the user journey of the same task and tested them with prototypes to find out which one works the best.

Guiding Questions:

  • How did you determine the process?

  • What did the user feel about each step of the process?

  • How did you test the process?


Customer Journey


In order to get to know our users' behaviour better, we created a Customer Journey Map.

Guiding Questions:

  • What was the whole buying process from the point when the user do not even know the product? What happens after using the product?

  • What were the main touchpoints where the user contacted with the service?

  • What were the main painpoints for the user during the use of the service?

  • What functions, solutions did you find out to treat these painpoints?


Card Sorting


I decided on the main categories of the webshop with a Card Sorting session.

Guiding Questions:

  • What was your main purpose? 

  • What navigation problems did the website have?

  • What type of card sorting method did you work with? (Closed or reversed, online or in person)

  • How did the participants gather the information?

  • What kind of new navigation structure did you suggest?


User Testing


Before launching the product, I've made a testing round in order to reveal possible usability problems.

Guiding Questions

  • Which phase of the project and why did you test the design?

  • Who were the test subjects? Did they meet the target group?

  • What method did you use for testing? (remote, moderated, etc)

  • What tasks did you give to the test subjects?

  • What were the most important remarks? 

  • What has changed in the design?




“Don't forget to show some results”


What have you learned from this project?

Explain what you had learned, experienced, or simply how you felt during the project. 

  • What were your biggest fears, problems, struggles? 

  • How did you overcome them?

Being honest is a good thing, it means that you are aware of what you’re doing.