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Flylancer collaborates with established brands and startups alike who have innovative solutions to share with our members.

Powerful partnerships are built on collaboration, adaptability and creativity.

We’ll design a bespoke package to ensure the best route to exposure and insight for your company.

We don’t do one-size-fits-all because we know that every business is different.

Our Partnerships are specially designed to make the most of our engaged community by connecting your brand directly to our members whilst taking advantage of our in-house competencies.

Available services:

  • Content Collaboration  

    Get your message out there with the help of our professional content creators and their highly receptive audience

  • Sponsored Survey Questions

    Gather insights and feedback from our members via our carefully targeted member surveys

  • Premium Event Series 

    Interact directly with the next generation of professionals all over the world with the help of our professional events team

  • Podcast Interview

    Join the discussion by featuring a brand representative on our member podcast series in interview

  • Product Review 

    Increase the credibility of your service or product by letting our members review your product for the community.

Flylancer collaborates with other startups

We love working with Innovators & Startups

We work with startups because we believe that our industry will make more impact together. Our members want the latest product news and you need feedback from a network of early adopters.

Available services for startups:

  • Gather Users

    Pitch discounts to our members and start building your own community of users who truly love your brand

  • Focus Group Insights 

    Host insider focus group events with local members and invite them actively engage with your innovation, your founding principles and your team

  • Supercharged Content

    Collaborate with us us to write powerful opinion pieces about your project, service and vision with our in-house editorial team

We know that starting up can be difficult and you’re on a budget, so to propel your project, we offer short term collaborations specifically designed to make the most of your valuable time and our resources.


Who are our members?

With over 3000 members all over the globe, it’s only natural to wonder who are members are.

52 % Freelancers

The Flylancer membership is made up of an extremely diverse group of freelancers, startup founders and self-proclaimed digital nomads based in over 15 cities on 4 different continents.

12 % Startup Founders

9% ‘Digital Nomads’