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We empower freelancers and businesses everywhere with professional networks and AI tools.

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A home for freelancing

We founded the largest offline community of freelancers in the world so that we could understand the problems that freelancers were facing and see if we could help.

Over the last 2 years we’ve worked with over 3000 freelancers ranging from Barcelona to Kuala Lumpur, New York and Sydney to build the ultimate home for freelancing.

Freelancer Management solutions for businesses.

And for


By 2020 30% of big businesses will be made up of freelance workers.

So we’ve worked together with some of the best employers in this space to make sure that our home for freelancing includes their needs too.

Like one big freelancing family.



is the largest in the world

London, Barcelona, Berlin, Lyon, Milan, Sofia, Budapest, Porto, Manchester, New York, Rosario, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Dublin, Tokyo, Chicago, Toronto, Denver, Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Athens, Washington, Santiago, Seoul, Montreal, Abuja, Amsterdam, Zurich, Mumbai, Miami, Bratislava, Istanbul, Beijing, Sydney, Copenhagen, Auckland and Mexico City.

You can find us (nearly) everywhere.


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Join thousands of freelancers connecting and networking across the globe to become the largest community of its kind.


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Is going to change FREELANCING FOREVER



We’re a team of freelancers, product designers and early stage startup experts. Passionate about incredible product design, connecting on a deep level with our users, and making the freelancing of the future more accessible, we will not rest until freelancing is no longer the future, but the now.



Flylancer collaborates with established brands and startups alike who have innovative solutions to share with our members. Together with other conscious business pioneers, our partners form a global network of location independent professionals and occupy an influential position within our fast moving industry.

Flylancer works with the best coworking spaces in the world, like Betahaus.


Yes, I work remotely for you, but I’m a real person too - Jeran Richardson, Barcelona

As a remote working freelancer I want Mr or Mrs Client to know that I’m a real person too. Can’t we scrap the corporate courtesies and try being ourselves instead? What’s the worst that can happen?

What does #Brexit mean for the Digital Nomad Community? - Collective Flylancer Members

The EU’s open borders mean a lot more to our community than you think. They reflect the openness of our new identity. A borderless generation, on a borderless continent and a borderless internet full of opportunity.

Live more, work less — How remote work has made me more productive - Katie Jones, Bali

The Work Illusion

I used to believe that being productive meant doing ‘normal office hours’ in a ‘normal office environment’. So when I started my career I did just that. I spent every day commuting to the office, eyes glued to my computer screen, unconsciously clocking in the hours…

What to do, when you don’t want to do, what you gotta do — Notes from a Remote Startup

Ever kissed a frog to see if he would turn into a prince? Well, have you ever tried eating a frog to have a glimmering career? — Here are 8 tricks to shake that procrastinators block off and get your proverbial nose back to the game. Motivation, procrastination, mo-ti-va-tion…



We’re the largest offline community for remote workers, freelancers and digital nomads in the world – and we’re entirely volunteer run - so we’re excited to hear from you!

Flylancer Barcelona Community for Freelancers and Digital Nomads

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October 2018

It's the most easily accessible community I know for freelancers. People are always there, always wanting to help, it's always a pleasure.

Jeran Richardson / Read Full Article