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Born in the UK, brought up in Austria and now at home in Barcelona Spain, Emily has spent the last 9 years of her career working for startups and founding her own.



Welcome to my wonderful world of design


A love affair begins

Hi there, I’m Emily, and I live and breathe for empathy driven design. It all started 6 years ago at Design School when a certain professor flipped my world upside down by introducing me to the concept of Stanford D.School’s Design Thinking methodologies.


  • Service Design

  • UX/UI

  • Product Ownership

  • Agile Scrum

  • Digital Marketing

  • Public Speaking

  • Design Thinking Workshops

Since then I have founded my own company to design business products and services for freelancers and become a fully fledged UX designer. When I’m not busy designing I facilitate, speak publicly and host design workshops and events for household brands.

Having spent the last 9 years in the tech industry, I have become a passionate advocate for the benefits of diverse teams and remote working practices and excel at translating user needs into actionable business goals.


UX Design Projects


High Fidelity: Native App DESIGN

UI: Redesigning a Content Publication


Service Design Projects

(Case Studies Coming Soon)

DEEP USER RESEARCH: Analysing 3000 survey results to distinguish Patterns

Franchise DESIGN : Creating a replicable event model that creates no costs

Conversational Interfaces: Designing Chatbots as a Service

Co-Creation & Design Thinking Workshops


Client Project: Micro interactions


High Fidelity: Original Product Design